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Orchestra CMEA Festival

February 28, 2014 8:23 am0 comments

Throughout the month of March the city of Visalia will hold its annual CMEA Festival, an event where different musical groups from the middle schools and high schools around the city come to be judged on their performance. Orchestra will be judged on March 19 at El Diamante high school.  The groups […]

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Wedding Bells!

May 30, 2014 9:46 pm0 comments

When the school bells stop ringing on June 6th, the sounds of wedding bells will pick up for three teachers on campus. Ms.Moreno and Mr. Brownie, Ms. Wing and Mr. Belman, and Mr. Lopez and Ms. Pena are getting married soon, and all the couples are on edge! Ms. Moreno, […]

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Tower Hall

9:01 pm0 comments

This summer the school board plans to get rid of the portables on main campus and start construction on a whole new building, Tower Hall. These new classrooms will house the English department and their students. Tower Hall will be on the corner of Conyer and Main right where the […]

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ASB Elections

1:27 pm0 comments
ASB Elections

                                         Several students here at Redwood High School decided to run for not only a place in ASB office, but also class presidents and vice presidents. The positions that were up […]

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Graduation Speaker

9:34 am0 comments

On June 3rd, one Redwood student will be giving the graduation speech, which usually summarizes the past four years in a single paper. This year’s speaker is Mario Bravante, who is known for his superb water polo/acting skills, and for his involvement in Redwood’s extracurricular activities. The grad speaker is […]

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Mr. Lor

9:00 am0 comments

It has come to be common knowledge to most of us that the beloved history teacher and Link Crew adviser will no longer be found in a classroom at Redwood High School next year. But he is not leaving us entirely. Mr. Lor as a Link Crew adviser has been […]

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