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Engineering Dreams

Engineering Dreams

On Thursday, May 26th Jonathan Zosa visited Mrs. Kasun’s first and second period to talk about engineering and his experience in the electrical engineering field. Zosa had graduated from Redwood in 2011 and attended COS and San Jose State. He had previously interned with ZVEX and worked for NASA. He […]

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Scholarship Night

On Tuesday May 3rd, Redwood High School held Scholarship Night in the Rotary Theatre in order to honor those students who, through sports, academics, special talents and plain hard work, were thought to be deserving of a scholarship for their years to come. Over one hundred Rangers were recognized and […]


Throughout the 2015-2016 school year, Redwood has slowly yet greatly expanded its clubs on campus, allowing more students to get involved in what they love.

On To a New Chapter

On To a New Chapter

I remember my freshman year, when the senior were getting close to graduation night and all of them were becoming really sentimental about the idea of leaving high school forever. Back then I didn’t think graduating was a really big thing It just seemed so simple and far away to me, but now being a senior I realize it is a big deal, and just the idea of leaving Redwood forever is getting me teary eyed.

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Senior’s Favorite Moments

Senior year. That beautiful time when your high school career is over and you move on to begin another chapter in your life.

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Sharing a Meal and Memories!

On May 20th, the seniors had their annual senior BBQ. This BBQ takes place in the quad before Log Night (the releasing of the yearbooks) goes on. The reason for the senior BBQ is for all the seniors to share one last meal together and hangout in fresh air and […]

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Always in our Hearts

The Class of 2016 isn’t the only group of people leaving Redwood this school year. A few of our fellow staff will be leaving the Ranger family. however, once a Ranger, always a Ranger. Three of our Ranger Staff are leaving this year: Mr. Irwin, Mr. Pipes, and Mrs. Weiss. […]

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Meet Madame President!

On May 19, Bryanna Martinez ‘17, was elected to be the 2016-2017 school year ASB president. We caught up with her and the current ASB president, Yvette Jaurrieta ‘16, to ask them a few questions. How do you feel about the changing of your ASB position? Martinez: I’m really looking […]

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Anotha One!

As the year narrows down to the end, so do the events being held here at Redwood are also. On Friday May 20th, the 61st Annual Log Night along with the Senior BBQ took place. Adam Espindula 16’ said, “This year’s Log Night was by far one of the best, […]

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Presidents Say Goodbye

As the school year draws to a close, many of Redwood High School’s variety of cubs have begun to elect new presidents for next year to follow the current presidents. The current presidents now face the end of their term and, for many senior presidents, reflect on their experiences while wishing the best for those succeeding them.